Weatherboots Inc. was started in the early 1990’s. At the time, the company was producing a number of custom molded products for the automotive industry. A need had been identified for a “footwell liner”…something that would provide a much greater level of floor protection for the vehicle than the typical floor mat. Once the design and materials were settled on, and after extensive testing, the Weatherboots products were brought to market. The response to this revolutionary product was very positive and has since enjoyed an excellent reputation as a high quality product providing complete footwell protection. Not just another automotive floor mat product, the Weatherboots product has and will continue to provide the custom fit, durability, look and value that our customers expect.

The high-grade material used has  a soft black finish with slight grain effect, which keeps your product looking new. All surfaces your feet come in contact with are covered with a waterproof, adhesive backed all weather carpeting, providing a plush feel while still maintaining ease of cleaning. Our newest product, Weatherboots HD, offers the same precise fit and high-quality material without a carpet insert. The top surface is coated with a tough, non-slip, finish that can stand up to the most extreme conditions. Weatherboots are easily removed/reinstalled and can be cleaned effectively with a garden hose and common mild household soap products.

Anyway you look at it, Weatherboots do the best job of protecting your vehicle’s floor in the entire footwell area, and the custom fit provides secure placement without movement.

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