Weatherboots are the best value in floor protection for your truck.

Choose from original Weatherboots or our tough heavy-duty model, WeatherbootsHD.

Original Weatherboots are produced from durable ABS plastic with a soft black finish and replaceable carpet insert that protects the heels of your boots and shoes and prevents pooling of spills and moisture on the floor.

WeatherbootsHD are made from the same resilient plastic but, instead of carpeting, offers a tough, non-slip coating that is ideal for heavy duty use. We recommend WeatherbootsHD for rubber floored work trucks.

All Weatherboots …

• are manufactured to fit your specific vehicle. Weatherboots stay in place. There is no slipping after installation.
• are engineered to channel debris and spills over the sill and out of your truck.
• protect your floors completely. That means 20-30% more coverage than standard floor mats.
• utilize a rigid design. Weatherboots cannot curl at the edges.
• provide year round floor protection.